Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart Nerf Bars

Our Bintelli Beyond golf cart side nerf bars are made specifically for Bintelli Beyond golf carts, designed to fit their body shape and easily install with only some drilling underneath the cart body required. They come with all necessary hardware, including bolts and mounting brackets, and are made of high-quality, corrosion-proof metal, powder coated in black for a smooth finish. Side nerf bars are a popular golf cart accessory, as they create a step on the side of the cart for easy entry and exit, just like a side bar on a high pickup truck or other vehicle. Our Bintelli Beyond side nerf bars are available for 4 passenger and 6 passenger models, and are mainly used for easier access on a lifted golf cart, though they can be installed on a standard cart as well. A lifted golf cart is approximately 6 inches higher than a standard cart, and has rough, bumpy tires as opposed to the smooth tires of a standard golf cart. The 4 passenger side nerf bars we have available are for the Bintelli Beyond golf carts with 2 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backwards, while the 6 passenger nerf bars are for Bintelli Beyond carts with 4 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backwards. The 6 passenger nerf bars may also fit Bintelli Beyond golf carts with 4 forward facing seats.

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Side nerf bars aren’t difficult to install, as they only require some drilling underneath the cart body, and bolt right on, so they can either be installed by the customer or in a body shop. We also offer golf cart service, and if you contact us, we’ll be happy to install the side bars on your golf cart – read more about our golf cart service at our main website, Prime Golf Cars. Additional service fees apply. The Bintelli Beyond golf cart nerf bars can be ordered at our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts. Mainland USA shipping only.

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